MadFam World is people FOR music in Virgina


Christian X Critzer is founder, creative head and band leader of Mad Fam World. He writes and performs with The Mad Anthonys, and as ChristianX (oXc), and is the owner, host and MC of Mad Family Productions


G.B. Meyer co-writes and partners creatively with ChristianX and helps with the digital vision of MadFam World. He visits from Richmond when he can.

Yarn Solo

Yarn Solo is manager of Mad Family Productions, The Mad Anthonys, and Christian(OC)X S/He is based out of the great green screen... what else is there to say but Yarn makes it happen...

;) More about YS soon...


Mad- JayDee is the heart of this operation.

and Muse in Chief.

She takes a lot of pictures too... You might not know she is here.... but she is...!